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OMNI Health Chiropractic is a full-body chiropractic clinic that is dedicated to getting you back to enjoying life.

We offer an evidence-based approach with state-of the art modalities and conservative treatments for longer lasting results.

Full-Service Treatment Clinic

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Keep you moving.


A chiropractic adjustment is used to remedy pain, release muscle tightness, and relieve nerve irritation by returning full range of motion to joints in the spine or extremities.

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Soft Tissue /
Manual Therapy

Soft Tissue / Manual Therapy consists of active trigger point myofascial release, cupping, joint compressive flossing, and stretching methods. This will help with muscle tightness, decrease pain, improve range of motion, and allow tissues to heal in an organized fashion.

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Exercise /Rehab

At OMNI, functional exercise is used as effective medicine. Once we look at movement patterns, we can identify the source of pain. Then by prescribing strategic exercises we will strengthen the body, remedy functional movement and improve posture in order to promote healing and help prevent further injury.

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OMNI’s Miracle Wave® Therapy
is a high quality medical grade,
non invasive treatment using acoustic waves to promote rapid body tissue regeneration, to help repair, and restore musculoskeletal issues in soft tissue, tendons, muscles, bones, and joints.

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Your Doctor

Jordan Masso, DC

As an athlete and personal trainer to doctor of chiropractic medicine, Dr. Masso’s diverse knowledge on how to keep the body moving pain-free and at its functional best is his passion.

Through his “omni-faceted” approach and patient education, Dr. Masso is excited to be a part of enhancing his community’s quality of life.